Advance Media Planning Can Save Marketing Dollars

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by Philip Shirley

CNN recently called me for an interview about the impact of political media expenditures in Mississippi on our non-political clients. The premise of the story was that the advertisers who are in the local media day-in and day-out were being hurt as costs increase and available space becomes scarce from the pressure of huge political media buys. The premise was generally correct, but I pointed out that our clients who allow long-term planning had mostly avoided this issue as a major disruption by planning and placing media in advance. We know years in advance of election schedules, and we monitor other major events that can impact media availability. Annual media planning saves money in many ways. It allows tougher negotiation with the media who have more flexibility to structure costs and placement that provide our clients advantages, if we work well ahead of the placement time frame.  For other clients who must make decisions closer to the time media will run, we often divert more of their broadcast media budgets into digital ad placement or local newspapers that can add space if needed, thus avoiding costly television or radio placement in a tight media market. Read below this interesting article about how Mississippi has been impacted as candidates increase the use of mass media to help tell their story.

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