Mobile Marketing Isn't Your Mother's Dinnertime Telemarketing Call

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Mobile Marketing Isn’t Your Mother’s Dinnertime Telemarketing Call

There’s a right way to SMS and a wrong way to SMS. In fact, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) clearly outlines guidelines for using text messages to communicate with customers in the MMA Code of Conduct for Mobile Marketing. (For a brief overview of the basic intent behind the MMA Code of Conduct for Mobile Marketing, click here. For the whole shebang, try this page.)

The MMA, the FCC, and the various cell phone companies have worked together to come up with guidelines and best practices that will make the mobile phone user’s experience with mobile advertising perhaps more pleasant—or at least less irritating—than the dinnertime telemarketer calls of days gone by. Guidelines include making mobile marketing messages an “opt-in” service, with instructions for opting out made easily available to consumers. Best practices cover matters such as message frequency[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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