Blazing Hot Social Media

Social media is blazing hot.

And it should be. It is new, exciting and to many marketers, a bit mysterious and even threatening. Engaging with customers and prospects on their terms has long been a wish, and now it is possible. But what about inflated expectations of what social media delivers?

Companies of all stripes trip over themselves rushing to social media and expect it to be Miracle Gro for sales. They dream big, encouraged by success stories posted online by the dozen. What will happen? Sales rise, website hits grow, prospects follow on Twitter and Facebook and energetically convert, the blog lands in the AdAge Power 150 and is lauded in other top blogs.

And the best part of all? It is low cost and quick! Let’s start now!

All the conversation about rising sales and website hits can well turn true over time. But, good people, the low cost and quick part is likely an idle tale. Social media is still relatively new and exciting and opens up possibilities for communication and relationship in ways still evolving. It really creates a new canvas, as you already know.

But to do it right requires time and investment. Thought, strategy, planning, and staff resources. All functions needed to be successful with any campaign, whether traditional or digital. These steps stay in style regardless of technology or tactic.

Danny Brown gets it down where the cows can eat it on his blog, in a post about “The Real Costs of Social Media.” Social media consultant Jay Baer offers multiple insights on the disciplined approach it takes to be successful in social media. His blog even offers a section with Free Social Media Tools—great tools to focus thinking on what the social media efforts really are trying to accomplish.

A classic, upfront approach to social media will help direct efforts towards achieving business goals, even if your initial social media goal is as simple as getting connected customers to grow in happiness—and in value—to your business. And who knows, your blog may one day land in those industry rankings!

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