Meet Andy Tuccio

5x5 Andy Tuccio 2015Name: Andy Tuccio

Hometown: Natchez, MS

GodwinGroup title: Senior Brand Manager

Job summary: I closely work with clients and in-house staff to manage workflow and make sure all deliverables meet the client’s needs and are completed on time and on budget.

What do you like to do when not working? Playing golf, den leader for son’s Cub Scout group, practicing and playing baseball with my son, grilling and playing video games with my kids.

What do you read or watch? Goodfellas, Seinfeld, Better Call Saul, Sopranos, Justified, Mad Men

Do you have family or pets? Wife Jennifer of 16 years, who is a nurse practitioner at Hinds Internal Medicine

2 children: daughter Riley (11) and son Drew (7)

Also have a Boston terrier named Cookie

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