Film Crews Preparing "Trip Report"

The complete article “Film Crews Preparing ‘Trip Report'” by Mary Perez originally appeared in The Sun Herald Business – Tourism section Friday, March 30, 2012. What follows is an excerpt.


Three scenarios were created by the GodwinGroup for the Gulf Coast Regional Tourism Partnership: a family group, a guys’ golfing and fishing trip and a girlfriends’ getaway.

Kay Maghan, spokesperson for GodwinGroup advertising agency, said the weather has cooperated during this week’s filming, which was designed to show the variety of outdoor activities people can enjoy in South Mississippi.

“Our team handling scouting and site selections really had a struggle because there is so much to choose from,” she said. The producer had to trim the number of locations based on the focus areas of golf, fishing, casinos, dining, ecotourism and museums, she said. The advertisements showcase all three Coast counties for what she said will be a strong regional approach.


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