Are You Giving Your Customers the Content They Want?

Major companies and small businesses alike have awakened in recent years to discover many new methods for reaching their audiences. Social media, blogs, web sites and e-newsletters are just a few of the digital channels growing in importance to businesses. And yet, many fail to fully engage with their audiences in a way that will grow their brand and business because they are using the wrong kind of content.

According to a recent study*, consumers prefer content that informs and educates rather than material intended to entertain and inspire. While humor and inspirational quotes are fun and may seem popular in social media channels, it may not be the best material for a business-minded approach to audiences.

John McKie, GodwinGroup’s Managing Partner, said creating effective content that informs and educates requires a greater effort through research but is more valued by audiences. He said finding out what works, and why, is how agency content producers arrive at the best content for clients.

“Our content development teams understand that in order to grow business, increase sales or create excitement for a product, one must give audiences something that resonates,” said McKie. “It’s not enough just to keep the channels flowing with messaging. The key is finding content that moves the needle.”

Just as important, McKie said, is knowing the difference between enough and too much. Expressing your content with the right format is also critical. Video, for example, can be a much more powerful and persuasive medium than written or graphic content alone.

*Survey, Oct. 2016, by OneSpot and Market Insider Group of 1,600 adults who consume branded content

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