Google Call Metrics Integrates Online Advertising with Real World Sales Tracking

Two weeks ago, Google fully released Google Call Metrics, a highly anticipated new service available to AdWords advertisers that gives users the functionality to track call rates associated with online text ads. The service provides yet another tool in Google’s advertising arsenal.

WebMetro/Godwin has been test driving this new service for several months after being selected as one of a handful of companies invited by Google to participate in beta testing earlier this year. Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort and MedjetAssist were among the first clients to hit the ground running. Already, both organizations have seen a strong ROI, receiving 200-300 leads per month since beta testing began in February.

Google Call Metrics fills in a missing piece of the integrated advertising puzzle by allowing advertisers to track when a prospective customer manually dials a phone number used in an ad. When an advertiser opts in to Call Metrics, Google automatically assigns a unique toll-free number exclusive to that ad. Calls to this number are then routed to the advertiser’s phone line. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it provides another method to track the effectiveness of an AdWords campaign.

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