Have You Met?

Tal McNeilGodwinGrouper Tal McNeill

Home town: Crystal Springs, MS

GodwinGroup title: Executive Creative Director

Job summary: Generating ideas for clients, Supervising all agency creative, Managing day-to-day operations of the creative department

What do you like to do when not working? Tournament archery (won Southeastern championship and Mississippi state championships in longbow division), playing guitar or bass in various bands, keeping up with Green Bay Packers football and anything outdoors

What do you read or watch? Mostly Mississippi writers, currently Shelby Foote TV: Either watching “Big Bang Theory” or the latest documentary on the History Channel

Family: Wife: Susan (married 29 years) Kids: Molly McNeill Hamilton (23), Anna McNeill (20), son Ian (14) and “Boo,” the crazy rescue pup

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