Is Your Website Working for You?

Mississippi Development Authority   Mississippi  The Best State for BusinessCRNot long ago a website was just another checklist item in an overall marketing communications strategy. Today it’s no longer enough to just have a site. It should be working to grow your business.

And if you have to think twice to remember how your site is maintained, it might be time to give your organization’s website a serious shakedown.

No matter what your business, today’s world operates on the Internet. And nothing keeps longer hours for connecting with your audience than your website.

The best sites don’t just educate and inform, they project your brand and provide audiences with the means of engaging with you 24/7. That doesn’t just mean providing cool stuff to see and read — it also means doing business and providing value to your audiences/customers.

Organizations today realize that business growth is directly impacted by having a greater depth of online resources, sales tools, e-commerce functions, automation and a host of other capabilities that provide value to an increasingly web-savvy audience.

GodwinGroup recently worked in collaboration with the team at Mississippi Development Authority to re-launch the website As the state’s economic development leader, MDA officials understand that site selectors for national and international companies gather information provided by state websites. The new site is now better able to represent and inform, putting the state’s best foot forward as a great place to do business. The new site has a clean, fresh design and enhanced functionality that supports a massive amount of information.

And it is optimized for mobile devices, which now account for the majority of Internet usage.

Last year, Americans used smartphones and tablets more than PCs to access the Internet. By the end of 2014, 64 percent of Americans owned a smartphone, and these individuals — especially younger people and those with lower incomes — relied on these devices for Internet access.


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