Larger than Life: 5 Ways to Make Your Regional Brand Look Like a National Player

Mar 17, 2017 Larger than Life: 5 Ways to Make Your Regional Brand Look Like a National Player

Can you tell if a company is regional or national, just by looking at its branding? Most people guess right every time.

Now let’s be more specific: What about your company? Does your branding make your business seem larger than life — or smaller than actual size?

Whether you have national-scale ambitions or simply want to be competitive in the next-largest market, it pays to look the part. Just as the right image will reinforce all the positive claims you make, the wrong image will call them into question.

Of course it takes more than great branding to grow a strong regional company into a national player. But advancing your brand image along the way should be an intentional part of your growth strategy.

Here’s a real-life example of a brand that got it right.

  1. Know how you want to be perceived.

Pavecon, a large paving construction company headquartered in Dallas, asked GodwinGroup to make them look like a national player. Spoiler alert: The results won numerous awards, including Best in Show for print design, and six Gold ADDYs. Click here for more on that.

  1. Pay attention to the message your branding sends now.

Pavecon is a big name in paving construction. For the past quarter century, they’ve expanded across the entire southern half of the U.S.

As they grew, the inconsistent marketing materials that worked when the company was smaller just couldn’t project the sense of size and strength that Pavecon truly had to offer — much less command attention on an ever-growing stage.

  1. Tell the biggest story that you can.

Pavecon had a big story to tell: Not just about pavement, but also about people. After all, without roads, how can people connect face-to-face? The way they see it, the people of Pavecon are literally building the foundations of society.

Our charge was to tell their story in the biggest possible way: Big enough to make them look like a “billion-dollar brand.” Fortunately, that’s just our kind of challenge.

For the larger-than-life look we envisioned, we restyled their branding with a glossy-meets-gritty aesthetic based on dramatic portraits of real people on the Pavecon team and the heavy equipment they use to do their job.

To add even more drama — and an unexpected, upmarket twist — we framed these portraits in an imposing expanse of cool gray. We also developed a confident brand voice that told their story with the cachet of a market leader.

  1. Be consistent.

These new design and copy elements were first applied to Pavecon’s website. Then, to everything else. An internal communications campaign, a poster series, print and digital ads, a tradeshow booth and a truck wrap quickly followed — just to name a few. Now, all official Pavecon communications are being redesigned to share this consistent look and feel, which is just what customers expect from any top brand.

As for the website that started it all? It attracted 76% more visitors, who viewed twice as many pages, as compared to the same month before the redesign.

  1. Be authentic.

When evolving your brand, it’s important that what’s “new” doesn’t come out of nowhere. It must be authentic, or it will not be embraced internally. That’s counterproductive to your goals for growth.

Although we were thrilled that our work earned awards from industry critics, what mattered even more was the way it was embraced by the people of Pavecon. Hearing stories of the excitement and pride employees felt when they first saw the new work was proof that Pavecon got it right.

The lesson:

When powerful branding is backed by an authentic, well-told story, it can propel your company forward on multiple levels. Not only can it help potential customers believe you when you say that your company is worthy of their business, but it can help your team members feel more proud of what they do and more invested in their performance. To take your company to the next level, you’ll need all of the above.

If you’re interested in growing your business, you might need to grow your brand image. If it’s not pushing you forward, let’s talk about how we can change that.