Meet Aly McMullan

5x7 Aly McMullan 2015Aly grew up in Gulfport, Mississippi; made her way to Starkville to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Apparel, Textiles and Merchandising at Mississippi State University; and then landed in Jackson where she got her Master’s in Business Administration at Mississippi College. Aly joined the Godwin team as a Brand Manager, and impresses everyone with her ability to adapt to any project and relate with team members and clients.

With a doctor for a father and a RN for a mother, it’s a wonder Aly avoided the medical field, but we’re glad she did. Aly has been married to Matt since May 2013. They share their new home with Fonzi, an 11-year-old Chihuahua who will “steal your heart and bite your ankles at the same time,” and Louis, a 4-year-old mix-breed with a knack for cuddling.

Why GodwinGroup?

Aly previously worked part-time at NEON Marketing, the small business division of GodwinGroup, and loved the environment. Aly knew she wanted to be in the business and that Godwin was the place to be. What really sold her? Aly was working in retail, and it was almost Black Friday. When the Brand Manager position opened, she jumped at the opportunity. Although when asked what title she would give herself, she answered “CEO.” Watch out, Philip…

Bet you didn’t know…

Aly loves Netflix and naps (especially with Fonzi). But most of all, Aly loves her parents. She admires her mother’s patience, gentleness and grace, and that her father is fostering, strong and funny. They’ve rubbed off on her — for the father-daughter dance at her wedding, Aly and her dad made up a dance mashup with the Chicken Dance, Thriller, Jump On It, Bye Bye Bye, the Macarena and (ending on a serious note) King of The World by Point of Grace.

Grouper at a Glance:

Brand Management *****

Adaptation *****

More Cowbell ****

Netflix Binges ***

Retail *

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