Pavecon: A Brand Transformation Making A Difference

Pavecon is one of America’s heavy hitters in the paving and construction industry. For the past quarter century, the company has been paving its way across the southern half of the nation. By all accounts, Pavecon is a national brand — but it did not always look like one. Last year, the company asked GodwinGroup to fix that. Our assignment was to make Pavecon look like a “billion-dollar brand.”

Having already worked for Pavecon in increasing their leads through aggressive search marketing, we knew the company and its customers well enough to elevate the brand image while staying true to their core.

To achieve the larger-than-life look we envisioned, our creative team selected photographer Andy Mahr. The stunning visuals created a transformation that carried through on Pavecon’s web site, print ads, posters, tradeshow booths and social media. The work earned numerous awards, claiming six Gold ADDYs and Best of Show Print at the 2017 American Advertising Awards show in Jackson.

Even better are the results: An 88% increase in web site visitors and a 47% increase in page views. Most importantly, the campaign resulted in more than 150 confirmed online business leads in the past year. See the components of this campaign here.

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