Godwin Services

Branding (Building Brand Equity)
Brand Positioning
Brand Promise
Brand Personality
Brand Awareness
Brand Reputation

Studio (On-Location or In-Studio Video Content Production)
Writing, Directing, Producing
Broadcast, Radio and Digital Production
Explainer Video Production
App & Extension Video Production
Motion Graphics & Animation
Feature Film Production

Design (Graphic + UX)
Logo and Wordmarks
Graphic Design (Collateral, POS, Packaging, Outdoor, Events)
Digital Asset Design
Website Design

App Development & Hosting
Website Development & Hosting
Database Development & Management
E-Commerce Site Development and Management
Custom System Development
Web-Portal Platform Solutions:

  • Ad-builder/Asset Customizer
  • Permission-based SSO Collaborative Marketing Platform
  • Local Channel Locator/Landing Page/Website Platform
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Field Store and E-Commerce Fulfillment
  • Multi-Vendor Fulfillment (E-Commerce)
  • Cooperative Fund Administration (Co-Op)

Big Data & Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)
Account Based Marketing (ABM)
Omni-Channel Campaign Development and Management
Lead Generation
Data Acquisition
Data Cleansing, Appending and Quality Assurance
Data Analytics and Custom Modeling
E-mail Campaigns
Contact Discovery and Validation
Inbound Response Management
Event Boosting
Live Response CRM Communications

Media Management (Strategy, Planning, & Placement)
Traditional Media
Digital Media
Social Media
Google Certified Team with Information Designers
Search Engine Marketing (SEO & SEM)
Printing and Direct Mail
Warehousing, Inventory, & Order Fulfilment Services

Public Relations & Communications
Reputation Management
Crisis and Issues Management
PR Studio Capabilities – produced and packaged
Mergers & Acquisitions Communications (Internal & External)

Consulting & Research
Marketing Planning
Strategic Planning
Primary and Secondary Research
Focus Groups
Marketing Systems Consulting
Sales & Marketing Channel Conflict Consulting


For more information contact:

Jeff Russell

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