Shirley Publishes Crime Thriller

GodwinGroup Chairman and CEO Philip Shirley recently completed an initial tour promoting his new crime thriller, The White Lie. The book was published this year and the award-winning author and Jackson-area resident has hosted several book signings across the region.The White Lie

The White Lie, set in Jackson, Mississippi, begins its suspenseful journey with a drug bust gone bad at the local bus station. Advertising executive Peter Brantley is carjacked at gunpoint and instructed by his kidnapper to drive to a deserted rural area. Knowing that he soon will be murdered to eliminate any possible witnesses, Brantley quickly devises a plan to save himself, but that ultimately leads him and his wife into a depth of dangers never imagined. Interwoven into the 276-page adventure are the storylines of his brother’s death by drug overdose, as well as brushes with a ruthless drug kingpin and a relentless drug task-force leader.

The White Lie was published by Mindbridge Press.

Dayne Sherman, author of Welcome to the Fallen Paradise (Booklist’s Best Crime Debut of the Year), calls The White Lie “…a crime novel par excellence, a story worthy of the late Elmore Leonard.” Marlon Barton, acclaimed author of The Cross Garden, assesses Shirley’s latest work as “Crime fiction of the highest order.”

This is Shirley’s first book of fiction since Oh Don’t You Cry for Me, honored as a finalist for the Jefferson Prize in 2008. Shirley, an Alabama native who lives in Madison, Mississippi, has published works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. For more information about Shirley and his writing, you can visit

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