The Increasing Reach of Mobile Phones

Reaching consumers today seems a stark contrast with how marketers channeled advertising messages just a few years ago. The rise of the smartphone is more than just a leap in technology. The way people use cell phones today represents a fundamental shift in our culture and lifestyle.

According to a recent study by Invoca™, a leading marketing intelligence and research firm, 58% of all Americans consider themselves “addicted” to their cell phone, but that number jumps to 76% among Millennials ages 18–34. This inseparable relationship to smartphones has tremendous implications for how marketers will continue to reach consumers. Still, the most important aspect is understanding how individuals are using their devices. Not surprisingly, text messaging is the most frequent use of phones, followed by voice calls, Internet browsing, social media, and recording photos and videos.

And yet, just when you think you have the younger generation figured out, there’s an unexpected twist: calls are making a comeback. Millennials are actually more likely than older Americans to make voice calls on their smartphones. The study noted that younger users found making a call to be easier than navigating through websites, forms or other business-related mechanisms on their phones. Also, search results are increasingly displaying clickable links that easily dial a call rather than simply providing a static number on the screen.

“There are certain predictable patterns to how people use digital platforms in everyday life,” said Philip Shirley, GodwinGroup Chairman and CEO. “And yet, we can never assume there won’t be some surprising shifts along the way. Monitoring these important audience characteristics is what keeps us on target with our clients’ digital strategies.”

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