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Welcome to the first issue of Godwin360. We are well into a periodic economic downturn, when tough short-term financial decisions often need to be made. Sometimes that means marketing and ad budgets are trimmed, leaving you with bigger challenges and fewer resources. But smart marketers must always keep one eye on the future and not forget what it takes to create stability and growth regardless of how tough things may get.

We understand, and we are right here with you in trying to do more with less—which is the reason we have launched Godwin360, a periodic newsletter delivered to your inbox to keep you informed of marketing trends from every angle, along with ideas and information that might help you navigate these difficult times. We also want to share our advertising agency news and show off some of our work and wins so you’ll know if we can bring thinking from other industries to bear on your marketing issues.

Despite tight family budgets, consumers continue to stay with trusted brands. They may purchase fewer goods, but they want to be assured that what they do purchase meets expectations. So we marketers must retain brand awareness and vitality, and inspire our customers to understand the benefits our products deliver to them.

Ask yourself: How are my customers redefining value? And how do I address their needs in new ways that fit their changing situations? How can I make my voice be heard when I have fewer megaphones to use? Focus on core business to make sure you deliver to your brand promise. Stay true to your vision. But don’t stop looking for opportunity regardless of the frustrations of dealing with the economic uncertainties and difficulties.

Seek counsel on innovative, affordable marketing strategies. Internet marketing is cost-efficient and completely measurable. Social media is blazing hot for one reason—that’s where the consumers are. Blogs demonstrate your expertise within your industry and enhance your search engine optimization so that prospects can find you more easily. The list of cost-effective tactics goes on and on.

We hope the information and our ideas in Godwin360 will inspire you, but feel free to opt out at any time if the information isn’t right for you.

Our GodwinGroup team would love to hear from you. Please send any feedback, suggestions, or questions to newsletter@godwin.com. If you want to talk with me personally about a communications challenge you face, contact me at pshirley@godwin.com.


Philip Shirley
Chairman and CEO

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