Capital City Beverages and F.E.B. Distributing

Craft beer brewers are selective. Whether they’re choosing the next secret ingredient, or the next distributor to trust with their liquid treasure, they choose with care.

It’s so competitive, two Mississippi distributers asked Godwin to help them make their case.

Now, they’re getting noticed with a fresh new look that reflects their local vibe, and a lively mini-doc that tells the story of Mississippi’s craft beer culture, which went viral on release.

To drink it all in, check out the video below. For best results, pair with your favorite craft brew.


Capital City Beverages and F.E.B. Distributing are sister companies in the truest sense. They’re part of the same group of family-owned business, but they serve two very different marketplaces. Godwin designed a logo identity system that would instantly connect the two brands with a strong family resemblance, while honoring the differences of the local areas they each serve. F.E.B. Distributing’s logo features seagulls, nodding to its coastal marketplace; and Capital City Beverages features the sparkling downtown skyline.


Mississippians are serious about their craft brews! See for yourself.

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