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As a not-for-profit, member-owned electric cooperative, Cooperative Energy is proud to power the vibrant communities of rural Mississippi — with a spirit of commitment and cooperation. This video tells the story of how it all began.



We know what weekends are for: Power tools, post-hole diggers, and power line safety. Yep, you heard that right! After serving the utility sector for decades, Godwin knows the one thing every utility has in common: Safety is the top priority. Cooperative Energy is no different. That’s why we’re proud to help Cooperative Energy keep their members safe and informed with attention-getting safety campaigns, like this clever reminder to Be Aware, Everywhere. More at

Be Aware Everywhere Safety Web Site


Being a member of an electric cooperative comes with lots of advantages. So many, that Cooperative Energy asked GodwinGroup to help explain them all. We responded with this cheerful Member Communications campaign. A website, an animated video and simple infographics break down the facts in a fun and easy way.

Cooperative Energy Member Outreach Website
Cooperative Energy Member Outreach Infographic


Any change to your brand, logo or name has to be handled with care, especially when your brand has a history dating back over 75 years.

Cooperative Energy faced such a challenge in 2016. Though it started out as South Mississippi Electric Power Association, the electric cooperative simply outgrew its name as its service area expanded to serve more regions of the state. Though their cooperative spirit and hometown values would always remain the same, it was time for a new name that could grow with them. For a successful rebranding, they turned to Godwin.

After choosing a name, we went on to help with rollout. From the internal employee announcement kickoff, to customer-facing materials like the website, radio, print ads — even the nitty gritty details, like the correct use of brand marks on linemen’s safety helmets — Godwin’s efforts paid off in increased brand recognition and member support.

Cooperative Energy
Cooperative Energy Helmet
Cooperative Energy Truck


The Cooperative Energy website is an important place for members. It provides timely updates following outages and storms, and it also tells the Cooperative Energy story in an unexpected way — with a neat side-scrolling navigation. See for yourself at

Cooperative Energy Web Site
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