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Think local. That was Godwin’s advice to a national health insurance brand in the midst of a major challenge: In their first year in the Mississippi marketplace, the company set out to enroll 20,000 new members. But just weeks away from the enrollment deadline, something wasn’t clicking. Godwin was asked to help — and fast.

Since the national campaign wasn’t resonating with Mississippians, Godwin suggested a different approach: Local faces. Local voices. Local stories. In just four weeks, Godwin launched an all-new campaign for the national brand, based on true stories of the national health insurance’s Mississippi members.

Enrollment soared. With Godwin’s help, 43,000 new Mississippi members were enrolled — more than double the original goal.

For three years in a row, this national brand and Godwin worked to earn trust and connect with people on a deeply local level — and not just in Mississippi.

Godwin’s recommendations for content creation, media placement and grassroots outreach worked so well that we were asked to adapt them for nine major markets in five different states, including Savannah, Georgia; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Daytona, Tampa Bay and Palm Beach, Florida; New Orleans, Louisiana; and throughout Mississippi.

Here are just a few of the ways Godwin helped to think local:

Year 1: Let Culture Drive Content

  • To take the national brand from unknown brand to household name in record time, we built a content plan around the unique culture and habits of the Mississippian target audience.
  • We produced original, Mississippi-rich content to use in broadcast, web video, website, digital, mobile and social campaign elements.
  • We interviewed real Mississippi national brand members and captured their stories in raw, unscripted videos for web and broadcast.
  • Knowing the power of local TV, Godwin produced a 30-minute edutainment talk show to generate leads.
  • The talk show was hosted by a well-known local media personality who explained insurance basics, interviewed real members and urged viewers to enroll.
  • Godwin also used hyper-local mobile ads to let people know when the national brand Van — a rolling education and enrollment center — was heading to their church, Wal-Mart or community center

Year 2: Build On What Works

  • In Year Two, we built on what worked well in Year 1: Real stories from real members. But this time, we had more than just four weeks to pull it off.
  • Godwin worked with local filmmakers to tell the stories of two real Mississippi members, Tameka and Frank, in a personal and emotional way, through TV spots and video with a cinematic quality.
  • We followed each member through their day at home, at work and doing what they love, allowing them to speak in their own words.
  • We used the personal quotes and original footage from the shoot to develop a full campaign including TV spots, web video, digital banners and a localized landing page.
  • Once again, we helped the national brand exceed their enrollment goal and boost brand awareness — even despite more competition in the market.

Year 3: Take To The Streets

  • To give a personal touch to enrollment efforts, Godwin drew on our partnership with Lattimer Communications, a leading firm that specializes in reaching African-American women and families.
  • In Louisiana, Florida and Mississippi, we mobilized ten multicultural “street teams” in six markets to connect with people in person, build brand awareness and generate leads.
  • Our street teams were made up of outgoing locals who culturally matched our target audience groups, embedding deep in the community.
  • At ten events, they made more than 40,000 impressions and secured over 8,000 leads.
  • Godwin also produced localized cinema ads for five markets in three states, each with its own lead character for the right cultural fit.

Real people, real stories. Godwin helped this national brand build local trust by producing original, Mississippi-rich content for broadcast, web, mobile and social media. No matter how inspiring your brand content may be, the real magic happens face to face. Our outgoing street teams made memories with over 40,000 people at ten events in three states.

No matter how inspiring your brand content may be, the real magic happens face to face. Our outgoing street teams made memories with over 40,000 people at ten events in three states.

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