Louisville Slugger

Here’s a brand you may have heard of. After all, Louisville Slugger has been named one of America’s Top 75 brands, and for good reason.

During our 15-year relationship with Louisville Slugger, Godwin helped introduce this legendary brand to a new generation of players, recapturing market share that it had lost to upstart competitors.

If you love baseball—or great advertising—click here and watch the Louisville Slugger brand video, produced by the sports marketing team at Godwin.


Before three strikes meant you were out, there was Louisville Slugger. These brand ads remind consumers of the role that Louisville Slugger has played in shaping America’s pastime.

The Louisville Slugger brand video—a three minute history of one of America’s most iconic brands.


There’s more to life than just bats, as demonstrated by this series of ads for the Bionic glove line.

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