Say you’re in Peru, exploring Machu Picchu—when, suddenly, you need a hospital. Travel insurance will get you to the closest one. But if you want to get home, to the hospital you trust, you’ll need MedjetAssist: One of the oldest names on the map for medical transfer, travel security and crisis response.

For years now, MedjetAssist has relied purely on targeted digital campaigns and organic searches to market its unique brand to adventurous travelers—and on Godwin to make it all work.

The response has been outstanding. But recently, MedjetAssist asked for something more: A fresh, new look for its website, and web-worthy video content to entice and educate remote travelers.

So before you run off to become a member, check out the work:


Medjet members have more peace of mind, no matter where their trips may lead. See the world through their eyes in these first-person videos.

All the Way Home Video Series

The Medjet website has a fresh, new look. If you like to travel, these blue skies and famous landmarks might inspire your next trip.

MedjetAssist Web Site

Each month, Medjet welcomes hundreds of new members who see online banners like these—and click to join.

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