Mississippi Gulf Coast Tourism Partnership

How do you revive coastal tourism following a devastating oil spill? And what if said oil spill happened just a handful of years after one of the nation’s most destructive hurricanes?

It was a challenge GodwinGroup took on with gusto. After all, the Mississippi Gulf Coast has been our home for more than 25 years.

Through a series of energetic, authentic and sometimes even humorous glimpses of the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s many charms, along with an unprecedented social media and digital push, soon out-of-market awareness increased and visitors (both new and old) came a-callin’.

Operators of casinos, beach resorts, restaurants and golf courses breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Deepwater Horizon and Katrina? Sure, those memories are still entwined with the region—but now, more pleasant thoughts come to mind first. Like Gulf shrimp.


Series of TV spots showing all the fun experiences along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Trip Report print ad series.

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