Pavecon is one of America’s heavy hitters in the paving and construction industry. For the past quarter century, they’ve been paving their way across the southern half of the nation. By all accounts, it’s a national brand — but it didn’t always look like one.

They asked us to fix that in a big way. Our charge? To make Pavecon look like a “billion-dollar brand.”

After years of increasing online leads for Pavecon through aggressive search marketing, we knew their company and their customers well enough to elevate their brand image while staying true to their core.

To achieve a larger-than-life look, our creative team selected photographer Andy Mahr. One incredible photo shoot and a new website later, we couldn’t be prouder of how it all turned out. It’s a stunning transformation, which Pavecon carried into print ads, posters, tradeshow booths and social media.

Now who says pavement can’t be beautiful?

GG Addys 2017 Best in Show Print Trophy

The work earned six Gold ADDYs and Best of Show Print at American Advertising Awards show in Jackson.

Web Sites


Online Lead Generation

Over four years, Godwin achieved:

1000+ Confirmed online leads since last year
88% increase in unique visitors
47% increase in page views

The rules of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are always changing. Godwin has helped Pavecon stay one step ahead, with intensive SEO efforts across four local division pages. Their Google rankings and page traffic increased every year.


Print Ads

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