Two Mississippi Museums

Long before they would open their doors to the public, the Two Mississippi Museums — the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and the Museum of Mississippi History — approached Godwin for branding, logo design and strategic marketing counsel.

Godwin relied on focus groups, audience research and our own experience working with museums to craft a brand identity and messaging to resonate with the diverse array of people the museums wished to reach. To help launch the museums, we created a three-year marketing plan, a messaging platform and the following communications pieces.

The museums reached their 12-month attendance goal early, attracting 185,000 visitors in their first seven months.

Logo and Brand Identity

At the Two Mississippi Museums, three distinct brands share one common space. The architecture of the building that houses both museums inspired the design – naturally unifying the marks while allowing each to stand alone. Look closely. Can you see the letter M formed by each mark? It stands for Mississippi. And Museum. Appropriately, the marks also evoke symbols of knowledge, struggle, progress, and light.

Two Mississippi Musuems Logos

Mississippi Civil Rights Museum campaign: “Shine Light”

Light is a major theme within in Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, where all exhibits surround a soaring light sculpture dedicated to martyrs of the movement. In our post-opening campaign for the museum, “Shine Light,” dynamic amber angles from the logo interact with dramatic photography of people experiencing the exhibits.

Website Design – Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

Video – Mississippi Civil Rights Museum


Print Ad Templates – Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

Museum of Mississippi History campaign: “Open Doors”

The Museum of Mississippi History opens doors to a world of experiences: Discovery, curiosity, and a comforting sense of belonging our shared past and common future. In our post-opening campaign for the Museum of Mississippi History, “Open Doors,” entryway elements from the logo reveal the people and moments inside.

Website Design – Museum of Mississippi History

Video – Museum of Mississippi History


Print Ad Templates – Museum of Mississippi History

Two Mississippi Museums – Radio Spot

Pre-Opening Brochures

Like any museum, the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and the Museum of Mississippi History needed communications materials long before they had finished exhibits to photograph. Godwin developed this series of pre-opening brochures using a limited supply of photographed artifacts yet to be displayed and visual elements from exhibits in progress.

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