Five Benefits of Mobile Marketing

iPhone4How often do you find yourself checking your cell phone for updates, text messages, emails or to play games, watch videos or look up information? Studies show that on average, people check their phones 34 times a day, which gives marketers an advantage to advertise products and services. Let this advantage be your gateway into the mobile marketing world.

Here are some reasons to use mobile technology as a form of advertising:

1. Text messaging as a form of advertising is very cost-effective.

• The cost of sending a text message is pennies compared to printing and mailing direct marketing letters (some advertisements including pictures or videos may only be available to customers with smartphones).

2. When offering deals or coupons, the number of responses can be easily calculated based on the number of people who claim the offers.

• Remember to make the offer a limited-time offer as this will increase your number of responses. Additionally, a quick “thank-you” response to your customer via text message or email will guarantee a higher percentage of return customers.

3. Responses to mobile marketing are almost five times higher than responses to print ads.

• Mobile marketing allows businesses to create brief and concise messages to consumers. Customers appreciate a short and simple message.

4. 80% of Americans carry a cell phone literally everywhere they go; it’s inevitable that your ad will reach consumers.

• Up to 18% of people who are exposed to a mobile ad click on it.

5. Mobile marketing over cell phones is the fastest way to connect to your customers.

• Transmitting messages over cellular devices gives you an almost real-time response from consumers, allowing you to test the success of your message and alter it if need be.

Find a way to talk to your customers on the phone without really having to talk. Not only will you save money by utilizing the benefit of text messages, you will gain business opportunities by offering time-sensitive deals with your advertisements to create a sense of urgency. Take advantage of the mobility of our smartphones and grab your consumer’s attention with your message.


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