Magnolia Health Plan – Traditional Marketing Spotlight

Pastor Dolphus Weary is a well-known and well-liked minister, author, and public speaker in Mississippi, which is why he was chosen to be the spokesperson for the Magnolia Health Plan. Knowing the particulars of the audience you’re trying to reach is a given in the online world, but however “old fashioned” it may seem to some, knowing where and how to best reach an audience though traditional media is just as important. Fully integrating a marketing plan–by using online, mobile, and traditional tactics as much as is appropriate for the targeted audience(s)–is the best way to make sure you reach people wherever they are.

Magnolia Health Plan is a service for qualified Medicaid recipients, and to reach as many qualified Mississippians as possible, the campaign currently consists of a website (with links to social media outlets) as well as the more traditional ads in statewide weekly and daily newspapers and on television. So far, the impact of the still-new campaign is promising.

This advertisement is currently airing throughout the state. Visit the Magnolia Health Plan website to see the other video featuring Pastor Weary.

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