Why Blog?

Still not sold on creating a blog for your company?  If done correctly, blogging works to reach viewers with engaging ideas, create dialog, spark debate, provide a service or any number of other objectives which may ultimately turn readers into customers or build a stronger relationship with current clients.  Below are the 10 reasons for creating a blog, all of which will promote your company, your industry, and your ideas.

  1. Enhances your search engine optimization so interested prospects can find you easier.
  2. Demonstrates your expertise in your industry to build your reputation.
  3.  Provides an outlet for reader’s opinions so you can create a dialog and build a relationship.
  4. Attracts potential customers by offering information of value regarding decision making about your industry.
  5. Brings recent industry news to light as a service which positions you to be a helpful resource to viewers.
  6.  Draws positive attention to your company by offering a trusted voice.
  7.  Promotes creativity by posing challenging questions people want to address.
  8. Advances digital marketing campaigns by delivering self-evident proof of the power of the medium.
  9. Informs others about your industry to create interest in its products or services.
  10. Challenges you to be an industry leader by forcing you to keep pace with the changes and trends.

What are your experiences with blogging and its value your company?  Have you discovered other reasons to blog?

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