Baptist Health Systems

For more than 30 years, Godwin has been instrumental in building the Baptist Health Systems brand. Despite being outspent two to one at times, Baptist has consistently maintained leadership in top-of-mind awareness and brand preference. Here are just a few of the campaigns and spots that have helped make Baptist a household name in healthcare.

Baptist Health Systems

Telling the Magnet® story

If you’re in healthcare, you probably know the significance of the Magnet® designation. But how do you make it matter to the consumer? Godwin developed a campaign to tell the Magnet® story, giving Mississippi healthcare consumers an understanding of what Magnet® designation means to patients and their families.

Making medical clinics approachable

Baptist needed to increase awareness of its clinic network, but also needed to limit production costs. To achieve these goals, Godwin produced a series of friendly, inviting animated spots. The spots drove home the benefits of the Baptist Medical Clinic network and reminded consumers that each clinic is backed by the resources of the Baptist Medical Center. The result? A 19% increase in projected vs actual clinic visits.

A lighthearted approach to a serious subject

Surgery is intimidating, especially when the heart is involved. This spot took a lighthearted approach to take the fear out of surgery and demonstrate that patients could be on their feet and back to their lives in a matter of days.

Keeping the faith

Since its inception, Baptist has held true to its Christian healing mission. The “I Believe” campaign proudly reinforced Baptist’s genuine commitment to faith in healthcare.

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