Issue 2

Mississippi Baptist Health Systems – Amplifying the Message

GodwinGroup has helped Mississippi Baptist Health Systems, a client since 1984, raise awareness about the quality rankings that the health system has received as a result of Baptist’s high standards of care. Last year, Baptist leadership came to GodwinGroup with another goal: Baptist’s achievements in quality and technological capabilities had been established—it was now time to amplify the health system’s Christian healing mission.

Public Relations and Barbeque Sauce

PR_and_BBQ_SauceImagine you just developed a top-secret recipe for the World’s Best Barbeque Sauce. The sauce is so good that you want to quit your day job to devote yourself full-time to selling jars of it to the masses. You take your product to Major Grocery Store Chain and try to convince them to start stocking The World’s Best Barbeque Sauce on their shelves, essentially “pushing” your product to the consumer. However, if you set up a barbeque stand on a busy street corner, start giving out free samples, and consumers start asking Major Grocery Store Chain to carry your product, you are instead “pulling” your product into the market.

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