Godwin Employee Makes History

Recently, our Jackson office had the honor of taking part in a very momentous occasion for one of our employees. Shailee Bhatt, a native of Baroda, Gujarat, India, officially became a citizen of the United States on January 17. Several members of the Godwin executive team attended the ceremony. Afterwards, the staff greeted her in the lobby with words of congratulations and American flags.

To commemorate, U.S. Senator Roger Wicker arranged to have an American flag flown over the U.S. Capitol in Shailee’s name. After the ceremony, GodwinGroup Chairman and CEO Philip Shirley presented Shailee with the flag and a certificate signed by Senator Wicker.

Shailee moved to America in 2008 and began working for GodwinGroup in 2010. She admits that she does miss her family, friends, and the wonderful food back home. But when asked what she likes most about living in the U.S., she said, “I love the fact that USA is truly the land of opportunities and no matter where one comes from—they have the same chances to succeed as anyone else. And I love the American spirit of entrepreneurism. And not being afraid to fail, which makes America the incubator of innovation. Students, businessmen, people young and old pursue their dreams here—if they have an idea, they run with it!”


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