GodwinGroup Ribbon Cutting at One Jackson Place in Downtown Jackson

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GodwinGroup Ribbon Cutting at One Jackson Place in Downtown Jackson

Parkway Properties held a ribbon cutting ceremony at One Jackson Place to celebrate new tenant Balch & Bingham and long-time tenant GodwinGroup. Also participating was Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson, who took a tour of the newly renovated GodwinGroup office following the ceremony. Watch clips from the ribbon cutting below, and visit the GodwinGroup Facebook page for photos of Mayor Johnson’s tour of the office.

Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson, GodwinGroup CEO Philip Shirley, and Parkway Properties Senior Vice President John Barton cut the ceremonial ribbon to inaugurate the newly renovated GodwinGroup Jackson office.

Long-time tenant at One Jackson Place, GodwinGroup is introduced by John Barton of Parkway Properties.

GodwinGroup CEO Philip Shirley tells the audience why GodwinGroup has been in downtown Jackson for nearly 80 years.

Read more about Parkway Properties real estate, Balch & Bingham law firm, and GodwinGroup integrated marketing and advertising in the press release.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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