Pitching to a Blogger 101

hances are, you know someone who blogs. Just in my little social circle alone, I have friends that blog about their family and their kids, friends that blog about current events and hobbies, and friends that blog as a way to promote their businesses. In this huge world of 6.9 billion people, blogging has given previously unknown people a voice. Just ask The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond.

How The GodwinGroup Staff Makes Me Love Coming to Work

If you don’t love the ad business with a passion, it will drive you to the brink. A typical day will bring impossible deadlines, overlapping meetings, tight budgets or no budget at all, last minute changes after the materials are about to go on press, and people who think creating ads is easy—just take a photo with your phone, spend ten minutes writing a little headline, and put the logo and phone number at the bottom.

GodwinGroup Gulf Coast ADDY Awards 2012

GodwinGroup and clients received gold and silver awards at the American Advertising Federation Mississippi Gulf Coast 2012 ADDY® Awards. Held March 3 at the Oak Crest Mansion Inn in Pass Christian, Mississippi, the theme of this year’s awards was Gone with the ADDYs.

How to Make Your Brand More "Pinteresting"

A few months ago, I was introduced to the latest social media craze—Pinterest. If you are familiar with the site, then you know it has the capacity to cause huge chunks of your day to disappear. Described as a virtual pinboard, it gives users the ability to visually bookmark interesting content from the Web onto one of their boards.

How Steve Jobs Changed Advertising One Person at a Time

When I was a junior in college, back in ’87-88, I was an art student at Mississippi State University and desperately needed a job. My roommate at the time worked at the Student Union, back in a corner called The PC Place in the school bookstore where they sold computers such as IBM PS2s.

Provide Excellent Service by Asking Just One Question

The Longevity of a Noonan-ism

You know how you hear something and it just sticks in your head—a phrase or saying that you just can’t shake? I have one of those. Mine comes from several years back, in a previous “work life” at a fantastic resort in the mountains outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Just a couple of weeks after I was hired there as the public relations director, the new Director of Sales Dennis Noonan blew onto property.

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